The Power of Getting noticed through your E-mail Campaigns

The Power of Getting noticed through your E-mail Campaigns

An average office worker receives around 121 emails per day, and most of these emails are never opened, missed or go automatically into the spam box. If you have read our other blogs on email marketing, it must have come to you how important emails are. Sending promotional emails is not enough. What more important is sending emails that have timely, necessary or useful information, fresh and relevant news, rewards and benefits for quick actions and personal invitations. Avoiding spam email subject lines like Percent off, special offers, states full of exaggerations must be avoided at all cost because people have started recognizing these trends. So what important is to figure out how the emails you send fall into the category of those that get opened and not in the spam, junk or another useless category.
Subject lines need to attract attention, just like headlines do in newspapers. The best email subject lines are short, to the point and provide just enough information to lead the reader to want to read your message further. Trying to stand out by using cheesy phrases will certainly result in your email getting ignored or deleted.
So, for you, we compiled seven tips that will help you to get your emails noticed and opened.

1. Be consistent with your delivery and the content: If you said you will be sending two emails every week then send two emails every week. If you promised valuable weekly newsletter then that’s what is needed to be delivered. Remember, consistency is the key, and your goal should be to engage your audience in such a way that they open your emails regularly.
2. You need to offer content that is new, interesting and relevant. This may sound like a cliché tip, but believe it or not, sometimes a cliché can work like magic.
3. Don’t overload your emails with lots of corporate, jargons or technical talk. Your tone is important, and it’s needed to be friendly and charming. Your recipient should feel like they are reading a letter from a friend.
4. Keep the subject line short. The aim of the subject line is to create mystery, so don’t put everything in the subject line. But also don’t be vague. Your subject line should crisp and clear. And also put most important part of your subject line and in the beginning and not in the end. Only use the best attention-getting subject lines.
5. Avoid spammy subject lines at all cost. As we have mentioned above, using words like ‘Free’ or ‘special offer’ or anything with an exclamation point is a telltale sign of your email being spam and junk mail.
6. You should always send the email from your name and not from a vague email address. Sending emails from cold or impersonal email addresses work against your aim of building a relationship with your customer.
7. Send emails when you think your receiver is most likely to them or notice them. You can check your email analytics or test different days and times to see how timing affects your open rates. And only send emails when you are sure that it will provide some value to your customers.

Emails are the best tool for building a relationship with your customers. So, don’t let this powerful tool go unused.

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