SEO Tips and Tricks for 2019

SEO Tips and Tricks for 2019

SEO Tips and hacks!
Google regularly changes its search algorithm and so, it’s claimed by many SEO experts that the tactics that used to work earlier are not working anymore. But in reality, there are some of these SEO tactics that still works today and practiced widely.

Let’s have a look at some of these tactics and also know more about the future of SEO:
• Upgrade your content each day, even if you are just making minor changes, but regularly updating your content will definitely have a positive impact in your Google ranking.
• Take your keywords research to the next level with Google Correlate. Instead of just searching for keywords suggestions you can even see what people were searching before and after a particular event. This can help in understanding the behaviour of your target audience and modifying your content to provide relevant results.
• Another useful SEO technique is “Skyscraping” – You start by researching for popular trending topics that are already existing on the web in your niche, take atleast 5 of them and look for new and unique ways to create a highly engaging content that communicates a similar message but with some added information, this added piece of information or advice should make the content more useful and informative for your target audience. Then you can simply put your improved content on the radar of folks who have already linked out to similar content earlier, and hence earn a backlink.
• Visual content is something that has worked in past, works well in today’s day and age and probably will continue to work in the future. Infographics, particularly perform well and have contributed greatly to some top websites, for example Kissmetrics. In order to create Infographics you can go to Buzzsumo and search for popular articles and information related to your niche and get it designed either by a designer or yourself, there are a lot of websites out there that allows you to create appealing visual content, for free!
• Google Search console can also prove to be useful to up your SEO game. You can search for the top ranking pages of your website and look for relevant keywords that you are not ranking for, and update your content accordingly. If you try and search further, you will find more and more keywords, from suggestions, that are relevant to you, integrate them in your webpage and watch your website’s traffic skyrocketing through the roof.
So, these were some SEO tips and tricks that people assumed worked only in past, which is not true!
These techniques work perfectly well in today’s search scenario. But what about the future? What’s the future of SEO? Is it only going to be limited to keywords?
Well, some experts think differently! In today’s day and age, where everything is getting automated, and where people are ditching the old methods of searching and are drifting towards new ways, for example, Alexa. Experts predict that the future of SEO will drift from traditional text-based search to voice search!
People now prefer asking their queries to an Artificial Intelligence assistant rather than Googling them. This means SEO might drift from keywords based to a more semantic based. Now, what does that mean?
Search engines are always looking for ways to give the perfect results to the users, which means search engines are now striving to produce results based on what people mean when they type a search query rather than just show results based on the keywords.
Tough it is unclear how long it will take them to monetize the search results, but soon people will be able to book an Uber or a hotel room just by ordering Alexa.
So, keeping the growth of voice-based search in mind, this might be a good time to start investing time, effort and money in creating more auido-based content. i.e. podcasts and audio files.

Here are some more SEO hacks that will surely help in pushing the number of website visitors-
We have all heard of the phrase “Make the most of what you already have”, it applies on every walk of life, but how does it fit for your next SEO strategy?
Let’s have a look at this with an example- all the credit card companies nowadays are focused on selling new deals and schemes to acquire new customers, these schemes are only available for new customers and inorder to make this work they end up spending a fortune and get almost negligible ROI.
In SEO, instead of focusing on creating new content, which consumes time and money, updating the content that you already have, i.e. rephrasing the paragraph and adding a paragraph to your older posts and reposting them can once again give you better rankings and hence more traffic.
But you also have to be careful about the type of your content, pruning mediocre content might not help in raising your search traffic. So, in order to have better search ranking one should make sure the quality of your content is good. When cutting and pruning your website’s content one needs to analyze the website, the URLs, main keywords and traffic on each page. You can even delete a few posts or better yet, club the posts that has similar content and are already competing with each other, this will eliminate all the confusion Google has in ranking your posts with similar keywords.
Another useful trick to boost your ranking is to work on your URLs. It is observed that having URLs targeted to a specific niche or topic has a negative effect on the ranking, this is because the search engine associates URLs, with the article name, to that specific topic only, and so, your article will not be ranked when a generic query related to your topic is searched. So, it’s more beneficial to avoid specific topic names, dates and numbers in your URL. Along with making the URL more generic, one should also 301 redirect the old ones to the new ones and make sure you change all the links to the new URL while reposting your old content.
Increasing site speed also has an indirect impact on your rankings, because in the end it is all about the user experience and building a loyal traffic.

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