The Subtle art of link Building

The Subtle art of link Building

Link building is an art that has been on a decline lately. As of 2018, a very few SEO experts think about link building, focusing all their attention on the content which is also essential. But they forget what Google has so many times stated: Links are the number one factor when it comes to ranking of the pages. So what in the world goes into making a great link? Want to know the answer? Stick around and get ready to be enlightened.

First of all, not all the links are equal. A backlink from a forum like Reddit or Quora has a far less significance when compared to the links from Wikipedia or a the Newyork Times. The latter sites are the site with domain authority. Higher the domain authority, higher will be the rank of your page. You can treat higher domain authority sites like a celebrity or some important person. So, try to make contact with them. However, getting links from these sites is fairly difficult if not near impossible.

Not only domain authority, but relevancy is also essential. For example, imagine that a famous politician tells the world that Trump is a good man, while another renowned person, say a hairstylist, tells the world that Trump is a terrible human being. Who would you believe? A politician talking about another politician or a hairstylist talking about a politician? If you chose the former, then you are like everyone else (Though believing a politician may still be a bad idea). The links also follow the same rule. If your site is about yoga, then getting a backlink from a famous airline website won’t do you any good. Because, as you can tell, yoga and airlines have nothing in common!
So, now you know two things that will change your life for good:
1) Links should come from sites of higher domain authority than yours.
2) Links should be relevant to your niche.
3) Links should. Oh, wait. There was no third.
You now have won half of the battle as you can now tell the difference between a good link and a bad link. Let’s see how do you build these links.

The best and the most common way to build links is guest blogging. Why does this technique work? Because everyone likes free content! Guest blogging is all about you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. But if you want to guest-post on famous blogs like BuzzFeed, then you’ll be needing extremely engaging content. Submitting your website to all the relevant local directories, and the search engines, has its own charm. Another cool way to build links is submitting Press Releases to PR sites. To spread the news about your launch, you can use sites like PRweb, PRleap, and PRnewswire. But your product will have to be newsworthy, or it won’t be picked up. Sharing your blogs on social media also works and can sometimes even do wonder if your blog was engaging.

Some people focus on content while others focus on links. But if you want the things to work, you’ll need to maintain a balance between these two.

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